Happy Parents day 2020 images, Quotes and Facebook Stauts

Parents day 2020

Parents day 2020: Parents are very dear to all of us. They gave birth to us. The most love in life we get from our parents. Today is the historic Parents’ Day 2020. Today we may not be able to repay their debts. But I can give them more love today than any other day. Everyone should give some gift to their parents on today’s parent date, go out with them and spend some time with them.

We also want you to give some gifts to your parents today. Or wish them via mobile. Many feel ashamed to wish their parents directly on Parents’ Day. So you can make a wish through mobile if you want. You can send them SMS on Facebook, you can send SMS from SIM, you can send SMS on WhatsApp. In this post you will find some SMS. Which you can copy and send to your parents. These messages are free for everyone on Parents’ Day. There are also some images that you can send to your parents. You can post on Facebook or wish your friend a Happy Parents Day.

 Parent`s day 2020 SMS for Parent


You gave birth to me. I will never be able to repay your debt. Today I want to let you know that I love you very much. Happy Parents Day 2020. 


You are there, so I did not understand what is the trouble, so I did not understand what is the danger, you are the shadow of the banyan tree on my head. Happy Birthday 2020.


I pray to the Creator to give me the opportunity to serve and care for you. 


You gave birth, I can give this life for you. I pray that I may be in your eyes for the rest of my life and may take care of you.

 Parent`s day 2020 SMS for Friends 


Never disrespect those who gave birth to you. If parents suffer, the Creator also suffers.


Tell your parents today that you love them very much.

Happy Parents day 2020 images

Parents day 2020


Parents day 2020

Parents day 2020

Parents day 2020

Parents day 2020

Parents day 2020

Parents day 2020

Parents day 2020


Hope you like SMS Gula. On this Parents Day, SMS Gula will share your thoughts with your parents. We have a lot of respect and love for your parents. If you have any information about Parent Day, then you must comment in the comment box.

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