JSC Exam Routine 2019-JDC Exam Routine 2019:All Education Board PDF Routine Download

JSC Exam Routine 2019
JSC Exam Routine 2019

JSC Exam Routine 2019

JSC exam routine 2019 already has been published on the Bangladesh education board.JSC exam is one of the valuable exam in our country.Only passed students can admit in class nine(9).So it is very important board exam in bangladesh.

JSC Exam Routine 2019
JSC Exam Routine 2019

According to the JSC Exam Schedule of 2019 published, the exam will start from November 2. The JSC exam will be held on November 11 and the JDC exam will be held on November 13, 2019.

Examination will be held from 10 am on scheduled days. This will be the ten time this exam will be held.It has been compulsory to appear in the exam room 30 minutes before the start of the exam. But if there are any exceptions, the authorities will take into consideration. Detailed schedule of the exam is given below:

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JSC Exam Routine 2019

  • Now all the candidates have to enter the test center 30 minutes before the scheduled time. During the test, teachers, students, employees cannot use mobile phones within 200 meters of the test center.
  • Students with hearing disabilities, including those with hearing impairments, will get an additional 20 minutes. Audiologists can use visual impairments, cerebral palsy disabilities and those who do not have hands.
  • And autistic, Down Syndrome examiners will get 30 minutes extra time, if they want teachers / guardians / helpers to come with them. Although many selective and creative question papers have two sections, the two passages together will be considered as one pass. That is 33 mark, the SSC does not need to be separated into two parts.
  • The examinee will be able to use a simple scientific calculator when they take the test. However, it cannot be brought on mobile phones or any type of electronics device. No one can use a mobile phone at a test center other than the center secretary.
  • JSC Examination has been held for 9 years. The JSC and JDC exam was supposed to be conducted under the supervision of the Ministry of Elementary and Mass Education from last time, with the aim of promoting primary education up to the eighth grade. But the ministry is not taking responsibility for this examination is being conducted under the Ministry of Education



When does JSC Exam 2019 Start?

According to the JSC Exam Schedule of 2019 published, the exam will start from November 2. The JSC exam will be held on November 11 and the JDC exam will be held on November 13, 2019.


JSC Exam Routine 2019

JSC exam routine 2019 is given below.


Name of subject Code of subject Date of exam Time of exam
BANGLA 101 2/11/2019 10am to 1 pm
ENGLISH 107 4/11/2019 10am to 1 pm
ICT 154 5/11/2019 10am to 1 pm
Religion & Moral Educatioin Islamic Studies – 111 Hindu religion – 112 Buddha – 113

Christian – 114

6/11/2019 10am to 1 pm
Bangladesh & Bishya Porichay 150 7/11/2019 10am to 1 pm
Mathematics 109 9/11/2019 10am to 1 pm
General Science 127 11/11/2019 10am to 1 pm
JSC Exam Routine 2019
JSC Exam Routine 2019
JSC Exam Routine 2019
JDC Exam Routine 2019

JSC Subjects with Code

In JSC exam there are seven subject.There are two part in every subject.

  1. Written
  2. MCQ

Subjects code is given below

  • Bangla -101 
  • English -107
  • ICT- 154
  • Islamic Studies – 111 
  • Hindu religion – 112
  • Buddha Religion – 113
  • Christian Religion – 114
  • Bangladesh and Global Studies – 150
  • Math – 109
  • General Science – 127

JSC and JDC Exam Routine Download


 Routine PDF Download(JSC)

Routine PDF Download(JDC)

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JSC and JDC Exam Routine 2019 PDF Version:

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JSC and JDC Exam Routine Image Version

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JSC Routine All Education Board


  • JSC Routine All Education Board
  • Dhaka Education Board 
  • Rajshahi Education Board 
  • Comilla Education Board 
  • Jessore Education Board 
  • Chittagong Education Board 
  • Barisal Education Board 
  • Sylhet Education Board 
  • Madrasah Education Board

JSC and JDC Exam routine 2019 Image Format Bangladesh Education Board

Dear examinee ,we already have known that you have been waiting for your PSC examination routine.Here we have been provided this routine with pdf file and image file.


I hope that now you are happy because you already have collected your routine properly.


Dear examinee,your JSC and JDC examination is knocking at the door now.so you should prepare you for examination.Read more and more if you want to get a good result in this examination


Please dont waste your valuable time.Use your time properly with reading.i hope you will get a good result in this examination.so dont feel upset.always feel fresh.


Thank you for reading carefully.



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