Happy Leap Day 2020-Leap Year,Leap Day,Customs And Traditions

Happy Leap Day 2020
Happy Leap Day 2020

Happy Leap Day 2020 is our new psot for you.here we tell you something interesting about this day.for know all of this read this post fully.

Happy Leap Day 2020
Happy Leap Day 2020

Leap day is the name of traditions and folklore.the day was first introduced by julious casear from 2000 years ago from now.


What is leap day?

Leap day is the day of leap year dated 29 february.all we know that leap year is a year concluded 1 day extra with general year.leap year is a year of 366 days.other year has 365 days generally.but leap year has one day extra of 29 February that we know as leap day.


Previous and next leap year


All we know that leap year come after 4 years.from that count 


Previous year:2016

Next year:2020





Happy Leap Day 2020
Happy Leap Day 2020

Leap day of next leap year

Here we give you next 4 leap days.they are






Women’s propose day

There are many tradition in leap day.propose to men by women is one of them.there is a possibility story that is told from an irish legend that st brigid and st patrick makes a deal with them to allow women to propose their men.it has a great moral to teach.they want to make similar men and women and prove balance.they teach from leap year come to maintain a balance with calendar.so they want to make balance the day to propose men by women at their style.

Happy Leap Day 2020
Happy Leap Day 2020


Story behind 12 pair gloves on leap day

In some places like europe,middle east the day is also known as “bachelors Day”.there is a story behind this.there has a traditinon that a man fill up or pay a penalty of money or something if he refused a marriage proposal of a women in this leap day.in  europe the upper class society maint the 12 pair gloves rules.if a woman proposed a man for marriage on leap day,29 february and the man refused it then he would buy her 12 pair gloves as penalty.this is how that the women can hide her embarrasement of not having an engagement ring.they maintain this rules seriously.


Leap day babies record 


People who born in 29 february known as leap day baby.the leap year babies are invited to join leap year babies society.

There are a world record of this day.world guinness record are make thr list of world leap day holder babies and their producing three generations and born people on leap day from that family.


Unlucky day

In scotland leap day is unlucky day.specially born on the day is known as unlucky,many people say 13th friday of year is unlucky day.in greece people say that marry in leap year specially leap day is very much unlucky for couples.there are many country remember this day as unlucky day.


St Oswald’s day


Some people known the day as oswald’s day.this is because to make memorable who died on february 992 on arbichshop in yourk.in general year it has been celebrated on 28 february.


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