Gp Net offer 2019 dhamaka-internet offer 1 gb 21 taka,7 days

Gp 1GB 9Tk Internet Offer 2020:There are many sim company in Bangladesh.Every SIM companies give some offers to increase their subscribers and to increase their subscribers all the time. Maximum time we do not get this offers because we do not know exactly about these offers. And also there is no correct idea regarding the offer. We waste money by recharging or dialing incorrectly. But from now in this site we will give you all the information on getting the right internet offer at the right time. Today we will discuss the details of Gp 1GB 9Tk Internet Offer 2020.  Gp 1GB 9Tk Internet Offer 2020 Gp 1GB 9Tk Internet Offer 2020 Dhamakat offer !!!Its an Dhamaka internet offer....So Hurry up... Grameenphone gives you 1 GB internet at only 9 taka.This offer is valid for 28 days.You can take the offer up to 4 times.To avail this offer, dial *5020*2217# or *121*5085# and dial it without further delay and enjoy this Dhamaka offer.  Terms: To activate this offer, dial * 5020 * 2217 # or * 121 * 5085 #. This offer is valid for 28 days. Offer can take up to 4 times. This offer can be used for a limited time. Offer can be used at any time within 24 hours. Internet packs can be downloaded and browsed by both. Follow this may help you to get internet at a cheap rate Data Volume Price Activation Code Validity 5MB Tk. 2.62 *121*3002# 3 350MB Tk. 33 *121*3083# 3 115MB Tk. 58 *121*3005# 30 85MB Tk. 28 *121*3004# 7 1GB offer Tk. 5 *500*45# 7 days 555MB Tk. 149 *121*3007# 28 1GB TK.9 *5020*2217# or *121*5233# 28 days 1GB Pack Tk. 18 *121*3234# 8 hours GP 1GB pack Tk.21 *121*5097# 7 days 1GB Data Tk. 31 *121*5087# 5 days 1GB offer Tk. 50 *121*3390# 30 days 1538MB Tk. 239 *121*3027# 30 2GB Tk. 54 *121*3242# 3 (72 hours) 1GB Tk. 89 *121*3056# 7 3GB Tk. 108 *121*3344# 7 6GB Tk. 148 *121*3262# 7 10GB Tk. 198 *121*3133# 7 1GB Tk. 189 *121*3390# 30 3GB Tk. 289 *121*3391# 30 5GB Tk. 399 *121*3392# 30 15GB Tk. 649 *121*3393# 30 30GB Tk. 998 *121*3394# 30 Whatapp pack 26MB Tk.2.61 *121*3063# 3 Viber pack 26 MB Tk. 2.61 *121*3070# 3 Facebook Tk. 1.57 *121*3022# 3 Emergency data loan (12MB) Tk. 5 *121*3021# 3 Facebook Tk.19 *121*3024# 28 Facebook Tk. 6.28 *121*3023# 7 Click to know more about Grameenphone Hope this post will help you. Stay with us  to know more offers. Thank you 

Gp  Net offer 2019 dhamaka

Gp  Net offer 2019 dhamaka

Gp  Net offer 2019 dhamaka:today we discuss about Gp  Net offer 2019 dhamaka now Grameenphone all prepaide and post paid customer well come to Grameenphone net offer 2019. Grameenphone is one of the leading telecommunication organization in our country, most of the people using the Grameenphone . This net is a  very fast . Grameenphone is the most powerful network. It has than 56 million subscriber. The provide regular service to there customer .Here is all the information about Grameenphone internet offer 2019 . Grameenphone update the internet.we think this post will be helpful for all of you.


Gp  Net offer 2019 dhamaka

 Grameenphone amazing internet offer now for ther customer . now 1GB internet 21taka . offer expire date  7 days. To buy this Grameenphone internet offer just dial *121* can purchase it only one time .


Terms and condition for Gp  Net offer 2019 dhamaka


  • Grameenphone 1GB internet offer
  • This offer can enjoy GP special customers.
  • To check your eligibility by dialing code *121*5134#.
  • 1GB@Tk.21
  • GP 21Tk 1GB activation code is *121*5097#
  • To check internet balance code *121*1*4#
  • Validity 7 Days.
  • Limited time internet offer.
  • Any network can enjoy this offer.
  • SD, VAT, Included the price.


you can purchase it only  one dont late.hurry up.and buy this dhamaka offer.


To know more about it visit 

.we wish this post will be helpful for you.For more offer stay with us .thanks to all.

Gp  Net offer 2019 dhamaka

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