Corona virus update today 2020-Covid 19 Regular Update of World wide Today


    Corona virus update today 2020 is our new post for we give the proper list of affected people and deaths in different read the post and see how much people affected by this virus.


    Corona virus update today 2020

    Till today there are uto 7.7 millions people are affected in this virus.there are p to 432000 people are already this time USA and Brazil are most affected country.there are 215 country and territories are affected.there are up to 3.7 millions people are recovered from the the main hotspot is asia zone ,specially south is the regular update of covid 19.we can know the regular update of corona virus 2019 from here.thsi is the update of 11 june 2020.


    We give you two dates list because of you can compare the spread rate of corona virus.


    Corona virus update today 2020
    Corona virus update today 2020


    Corona virus update today 2020

    Here we discuss the last update of corona virus 2020 in the world.this is the news of covid 19 update 15 june,2020.according to world meter we can know there are 79 lakhs 84 thousands 432 people are affected in this disease.there are 4 lakhs 35 thousands 177 people are dead for this virus.there are 41 lakhs 4 thousands 373 people are recovered from this virus.


    Suddenly china also come to the list of corona virus again.we know from the news that in south beijing  some people are affected to the virus.the total affected people is 57 that is highest after April month.we heard that from a Meat Bazar it is spread through the people newly.for that china government lockdown 11 new housing area.


    In Bangladesh there are 3141 people are affected in this virus an 32 are dead.


    Affected 36 people are lives in Beizing and two people are in other place.the other people are carried virus from other countries.thats why china off their primary school and play outside.


    On the other hand pakistan makes new record of affected and dead people.last 24 hours there are up to 80 people are dead and 7000 people are affected.


    India is now in the red zone and hotspot zone of corona virus.


    Iran also makes new record of death now a the death rate is 100 per day.


    Now the list of death and affected USA are in the leading position.but Donald Trump the president of America take the decision o fmake a meeting.for that they prepare a hall there can meet 19000 people at a time.


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