Friendship Day 2019-friendship day,history,date

Happy Friendship day  2019 
Happy Friendship day  2019 

Friendship Day 2019

Friendship Day 2019
Friendship Day 2019

Type:  Historical
Date of friendship day 2019 in various country :

Argentina: 20 July

Bolivia: 23 July

Brazil: 20 July
Colombia: Second Saturday of March
Ecuador: 14 July
Estonia: 14 July
Finland: 30 July
India: First Sunday of August
Malaysia: First Sunday of August
Mexico: 14 July
Pakistan: 19 July
Spain: 20 July
Uruguay: 20 July
United States: 15 February
Venezuela: 14 July
Frequency: annual
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Friendship Day 2019
Friendship Day 2019

Happy friendship day 2019:
History:Every year on the first Sunday of August, Friends’ Day is celebrated all over the world. But many of us do not know how Friend’s Day actually came about.

Friendship Day was promoted by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards, on the first Sunday of August in 1919 and this day everyone sent cards to each other. But the history of Friendship Day dates back to the United States.

friendship Day celebrations have been going on in America since the beginning of that year in 1935. It is known that the US government killed a man. It was the first Saturday in August. A friend of the man committed suicide the next day in protest. Then, on the first Sunday of August, the American Congress decided to celebrate it as Friend’s Day, in honor of the contribution and respect of friends in various fields of life.

The concept of World Friendship Day was proposed by Dr. Artemio Bracho on July 20, 1958. Friendship Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries The first World Friendship Day was proposed for July 30 in 1958. Official International Friendship Day was announced on July 30 at the UN General Assembly on April 27,2011.

Friendship Day 2019
Friendship Day 2019

But in some countries, including India, the first Sunday of August celebrates Friendship Day.
Happy friendship day 2019:This is history. Then take your dear friend out to a nearby restaurant tomorrow. Or come to his house in the morning with a favorite gift. Surprise your dear friend. And today, when the clock strikes 12, send a friend a very happy wish. Spend the whole day busy in other ways. Have a good friendship day.

Happy friendship day 2019
Message:In a small-minded message, tell a friend that you are always beside him, be a good friend. Here are just a few of the best messages you can send to your friends –

1. When you lose faith in yourself, whoever believes in you is a friend
2. Friendship is the most important ingredient in the recipe of life
3. When someone says, ‘OK! You too I thought I was the only one .. ‘- Friendship was born from here
4. Friend is the one who knows everything in your life and loves you!
5. We are dear friends If you fall, I’ll pull you over … but after my smile stops!

6. The friend is the one who knows the tune of your heart. Even if you forget, he won’t let you forget.
7. If friends are on the side, then good times become more beautiful, bad times are easier.
8. You cannot choose your own family, but friends are the family you can choose.
9. Aristotle called ‘the most beautiful relationship on earth’


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